Window Hardware

The Smartest Glass of the 21 Century

Smart glass is often called switchable glass. Smart glass used as a window is called smart windows or switchable windows.

So, what is so smart about this glass? The light transmission properties in the glass are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.

The most common use for smart glass is to switch glass from translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some (or all) the wavelengths of light, to letting light pass through.

There are different technologies that can be used in smart glass; including electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind and polymer dispersed liquid crystal.

Smart glass that is installed in buildings saves money by saving heating, air conditioning and lighting by creating ‘climate adaptive building shells’. Smart glass eliminates the need for installing expensive motorised light screens, blinds or curtains on the windows.

The applications for smart switchable glass are endless, providing privacy in offices and homes, smart glass is not only capable of blocking light (and view through) but also can block sound. Smart glass is aesthetically pleasing, gives an illusion of space, providing clean lines and high shine; the use of glass in offices and homes is on the increase.

The initial investment in smart glass is the stumbling factor for many, but its long-term benefits and cost savings far outweigh the necessary initial investment. Any smart investment in a property whether commercial or residential should expect to return profits.

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