Steel Fixing Bands

Various Pre-Cut Lengths · Easy To Cut · Pre-Drilled

FrameFix supply various lengths of straight and angled pre-cut galvanised steel fixing band. (See Below.) The metal banding is strong but flexible and easily cut. A quick, versatile and reliable fixing method for many construction applications and general repairs. This medium duty fixing has pre-drilled 6MM diameter holes for nails, bolts or screws.

Various Pre-Cut Lengths and 10 Metre Coils

We supply straight steel fixing bands in 210MM, 300MM, 400MM, 500MM lengths. Banding with a 90 Degree angled bend are available in 300MM (bend @ 105mm), 400MM (bend @ 105mm), 400MM (bend @ 200mm) and 500MM (bend @ 150mm). These are all supplied in boxes of 100.

You can also buy 10 Metre lengths of steel fixing banding supplied in coiled rolls. Contact Us for pricing and shipping details.

Ideal for Building Projects and Repairs

The medium duty banding is 1.2MM thick, 19MM wide and perforated for nails, bolts or screws. It can be cut using tin snips or shears and is easy to bend during installation. This multi-purpose banding is perfect for clamping, bracing and restraining in all kinds of DIY building projects and repairs.

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High Quality Galvanised Steel Banding

FrameFix steel fixing band is manufactured from DX51 grade galvanised steel coil with ISO 9001 accredited procedures. Galvanisation applies a protective layer of zinc to the steel banding for protection against corrosion and rust. The zinc coating protects the metal by forming a physical barrier and behaving as an anode if it the coating is damaged.

Steel Fixing Band Coil

Bespoke Builders Metalwork

FrameFix will help you to design and manufacture high quality bespoke builders metalwork in partnership with our sister company Inmans. Decades of experience and flexible production runs means we offer highly competitive cost effective pricing. Even at low volumes. Read More about our bespoke metalwork.

Inmans is a leading UK manufacturer of quality precision pressed bespoke components. Inmans work closely with FrameFix and their clients to deliver made to measure metalwork. Core expertise includes design consultation, manufacture of tooling and components and finishing. Read More on the Inman’s website.

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