Steel Fixing Brackets

1.5mm & 3mm Galvanised Steel Angle Brackets

FrameFix supply 90 degree angle brackets manufactured from pre-galvanised steel. (See Below.) We supply brackets in 1.5MM steel and heavier duty 3MM steel thicknesses in boxes of 100. FrameFix angle brackets are a reliable fixing method for all kinds of building and joinery projects. We also supply Steel Fixing Bands, Steel Building Joining Plates, and Steel Window Board Ties.

High Quality Galvanised Steel

Our sister company Inmans manufacture steel fixing brackets from DX51 grade galvanised steel with ISO 9001 accredited procedures. Galvanisation applies a protective layer of zinc to the steel banding for protection against corrosion and rust. The zinc coating protects the metal by forming a physical barrier and behaving as an anode if it the coating is damaged.

Can’t find the steel fixing bracket you need?

FrameFix will help you to design and manufacture high quality bespoke builders metalwork in partnership with our sister company Inmans. Learn more or request a quote today.

Steel Fixing Bracket