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Aluminium vs. UPVC Windows

In recent years a new contender has steadily increased in popularity in the window and door frame market –  Aluminium. Windows have typically always been either wooden framed or UPVC.

In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of UPVC windows vs. aluminium windows. Four key factors should be considered when choosing between the two different types of windows.

  1. Cost

Aluminium is more expensive than UPVC due to the higher manufacturing costs. Since the 70’s replacement double glazing has become a necessary home improvement for every household with UPVC going into mass production, pushing the price lower. Aluminium itself as a raw material makes it a much more expensive option for double glazing.

  1. Durability and Maintenance

UPVC has the advantage of not rusting and as such, UPVC companies often offer a ten-year warranty on their windows. However, aluminium is also a very robust metal and with required care should stand the test of time.

  1. Aesthetics

The major downfall of UPVC windows is the large profile of the frames, making aluminium windows a strong contender for period properties looking for a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing window frame. In fact, in conservation areas and listed buildings it is likely that planning authorities will insist on the use of aluminium window and door frames.  UPVC windows are often regarded as unstylish. With changing architectural style, aluminium has become a favourite with architects as it provides greater flexibility as it can be made in much larger and taller specifications. Aluminium frames can be sprayed in any RAL colour and can be curved to fit more contemporary building styles. In recent years UPVC is now offered in more colours than just white, but these colours are set.

  1. Security and Insulation

Aluminium windows and UPVC windows both provide very high levels of security and insulation. UPVC provides slightly better heat, energy and sound insulation than aluminium frames.

In summary, it is ultimately the customer that will decide what they like and what they can afford when choosing new window and door frames. Both products are outstanding in their performance and provide slightly different pros and cons.

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